Costco in Guelph’ s West End?

Purchase Retin-A Asacol without prescription buy valacyclovir Word on the street is that Guelph might be getting a Costco. An application has been submitted to rezone a portion of 32 acres of commercial land West of Elmira Rd , close to the Zehrs on Imperial to accommodate this store, which will be in the neighbourhood of 143,000 sq ft.

There is no doubt you can get some good deals at Costco but right now the closest location is in Kitchener- the potential new store will be very convenient and bring even more attention to that end of the City. Over the last 10 years, the West End Recreational Centre and Zehrs Imperial have certainly helped rejuvenate the area, and has been greatly appreciated by the people living in that end of town.

I currently do not have a membership, however a few of my associates do and I have yet to make a trip with them without purchasing something I didn’t think I needed but had to have and items in bulk quantity that I can live off of for a ridiculously LONG time. I have gotten some amazing deals, I love the samples (lunch), and it is so easy to take items back- no hassle. So- all in all, I’m looking forward to this potential new development. It think it will be a great addition to the West end.

Now for another gas station in the very South end of Guelph…

Contact me with any questions on future developments in the City.