Experts: 2015 is a Good Year for Buying Houses for Sale in Guelph

If you’re looking for good houses for sale in Guelph, you couldn’t have come at a better time. This is because the city’s real estate market remains as strong as ever, with experts from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation considering 2015 as an excellent year for housing starts.
Experts 2015 is a Good Year for Buying Houses for Sale in Guelph

According to Erica McLerie, a senior market analyst for the firm, Guelph’s population growth is one of the key driving factors. Trending at an average of 750 every year, the city’s population growth rate is higher than the average number of yearly housing starts. What this means is that demand for homes will continue to be hearty, along with new home constructions.

Guelph is no stranger to positive real estate market outlooks. Just last March, Guelph’s housing market was considered one of the best in Canada, along with the Waterloo Region’s. According to a report from the site, Guelph placed 9th in Canada’s Top Cities To Buy Real Estate list, with the average home price topping out at $357,000 last year (including a five-year price appreciation of almost 6 percent).

For home buyers with more money to spare, Guelph is no scrub, either. The city’s high-end housing market is also experiencing a boom, and there are solid numbers behind the claim. Last year, 18 local homes priced at or over $1 million were sold, according to local real estate authorities. The figures almost doubled from 2013’s numbers, which tallied 10 million-dollar home sales. Altogether, Guelph’s high-end housing market has also been stable for the past few years, with experts citing the city’s affordability and innate attractiveness as key factors.

Home affordability may be one of the foremost selling propositions for Guelph, but there’s still more to love about the city. Experienced realtor Gia Lucchetta says that Guelph has grown a huge amount in her 20 years in the business, and credits it with the way the city is run. Aside from good governance, long-time resident and Orangeville Banner contributor Rob Campbell hails the city’s culture and history, and expressed gladness to be “back home” after working in Barrie.

So if you’re currently in home shopping mode, various houses for sale in Guelph should be occupying the top half of your list. And if you feel like you might be overwhelmed, don’t fret; experienced realtors like Emily Cassolato can help you get your feet wet, narrow down your choices, and get you the home you and your family deserve.

(Source: Guelph Housing Market Looks Strong For 2015, Guelph Mercury, April 10, 2015)