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History 101: 57 Waverley Dr.

I did an open house in October that was unlike any other I’ve done before and although no one day is similar in this crazy world of Real Estate I will remember it as being one of my favorites. First of all- I just loved the property. Sometimes I walk into a home and I feel an immediate connection, it has little to do with the neighbourhood, the decor, or the layout but has more to do with the energy and pride of ownership that is evident upon entering… the fact it was a cool day and the house was nice and warm may have helped as well.

The home I was open housing was 57 Waverley Dr in the North end of Guelph, a street lined with mature trees. Every home has a different feel and the lots are a great size. I was pleased to be there and as I pulled into the driveway I noticed two groups were already waiting to go through- this is always a good sign. I had a great turn out that afternoon but what really set this day apart from others was the fact that, just by chance, the two previous owners of this property came through to tour their old home at the exact same time. It was an amazing experience to listen to them speak about how the home looked when they lived there; I got an in-depth history lesson on each change that was made, when and who did what renovations from 1974 to present. Both parties talked very emotionally about this property, it was evident that it had been a place where they raised their families and created some of their favorite memories.
All and all it was a fun and successful open house. It was clear I was not going to sell either of these groups the house where they once lived, however, it was entertaining and educational for myself and all the other groups of potential buyers who came through. Open houses are always a valuable part of selling a home and word of mouth is an extremely powerful tool- I know the previous owners will be great advocates for this property. Since it does not typically work out that you run into old owners of a home to get such an in-depth look at its history, it becomes very important to have someone such as a professional looking out for your best interest- someone who can do the back ground research for you.