Dt Guelph

I can make this place your home…

This December I was lucky enough to spend the holidays with some very good friends in London, England. London is a vibrant city filled with tons of people and is made up of many wonderful neighbourhoods. ‘My home away from home’ was Herne Hill- about a 15 minute train ride from down town. I loved the energy of this area with its local pubs, restaurants and weekend market. I was very sad to leave this little village and my good friends but much like any time I travel I am always flooded with a sense of relief when I arrive back in Canada and drive into my home town of Guelph. Part of this relief stems from a desire to sleep in my own bed, eat familiar food and get into a proper routine with work, the gym and friends; but mostly it has to do with being back in an environment that is comfortable and familiar.

I truly believe when you live in Guelph and purchase a home here you’re buying more then just a property- you’re buying your membership into this great community. Guelph is a growing city with a small town feel whether it’s the neighbour that always lets you borrow his ladder, the clerk at the store who knows your name, or all the friendly faces at the dog park it is a welcoming environment. Though much less complex then a big city like London, Guelph is also made up of many different areas and neighbourhoods which make it unique. There is somewhere and something for everyone whether that is a quaint stone cottage down town walking distance to the farmer’s market or a maintenance free retirement village in the South end.

Real estate isn’t just finding someone a house, it is finding them a place to come home to. It is also about giving my clients that same sense of relief and belonging I have grown accustomed to. The City of Guelph is a great place to invest, a great place to raise a family and a great place to call home