Real Estate in Guelph: Softer House Prices to Take Advantage Right Now

Continuous drop of oil prices have severely affected the housing market across provinces in Canada, provoking many homeowners to sell their homes and potential buyers setting aside purchase opportunities in the market. The Canadian Real Estate Market (CREA) projected national sales to reach 475,700 units this 2015.

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Real Estate in Guelph Softer House Prices to Take Advantage Right Now

Meanwhile, CREA had also announced in its website that the only provinces with a tight balance between supply and demand are British Columbia and Ontario, which would result to average price hikes stronger than this year’s inflation. Among the two, the province of British Columbia was forecasted to have the biggest annual upturn with 4.9% in sales, while Ontario will only have a 1.9% gain. Other provinces are projected to have relatively stable housing prices with more or less 1% ups and downs this year.

With these rigid housing prices, finding quality houses being sold in the provinces may be achieved through real estate agents such as Emily Cassolato, an agent of the renowned Coldwell Banker Real Estate brand. Besides using a down-to-earth approach, these agents are also knowledgeable of various ins and outs of their designated neighborhoods like the real estate in Guelph. Having this competence enables them to look for houses that suit every client need.

Residential buyers also have other things to consider aside from the price before searching for houses or going to open houses, like the desired location, house type, and features. Where the person lives highly affects his lifestyle because of the distances required to access various needs like work and entertainment. Most buyers also prefer a single-family detached home for its wide living space, while features like ceramic flooring or car garages will depend on the budget.

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Considering these factors would benefit the buyer in visiting an open house in one of the available Guelph real estate listings, especially those with home furnishings. Basic systems of the house that would constitute its efficiency will also have to be examined, such as the power outlets, foundation, and plumbing. If not enough time is given, a competent realtor would be able to provide answers to these technical considerations of the house.

In the article earlier, the national average housing reportedly was forecasted to go further by 1.9% into $424,100 in 2016. With supply shortage for single family homes in Greater Toronto Area, Ontario was projected to have the strongest sales with 2.5% next year.

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CREA Updates and Extends Resale Housing Forecast. Mar. 13, 2015.

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